International Conference – University of Salerno 14-15 November 2023

Giuseppina Cersosimo

Giuseppina Cersosimo is full professor of History of Sociology, Sociology and Sociology of Health at the University of Salerno. Her main fields of research are Social Theory, Qualitative Methods, Symbolic Interactionism; Sociology of Health, and Medicine, gender and identity. Director of a sociological series, entitled “Explorations”, Esplorazioni (Esplorazioni (, in recent years, she, with the cooperation of Adele Clarke, introduced the thought of Adele Clarke in Italy mainly through Feminism, Grounded Theory, and Situational Analysis. 

From 2012 to 2019 she was Secretary of Observatory for the diffusion of Gender Studies and Equal Opportunity Culture – the University of Salerno. She is the author of books, book chapters, and papers in journals, among these: In the Time of COVID-19: Love and Transformations in the Family Italian Sociological Review; Women and Health Promotion: Implications for Obesity Prevention in the Family and Beyond, Italian Journal of Sociology of Education; Narrated Communication, Research Methods Foundations, Sage, London; Florence Kelley, Research Methods Foundations, Sage, London; Double-Edged Intimate Relationships. When Violence Has a Complicity between Victim and Executioner BUT. Series VII Social Sciences. Law; The Making of William I. Thomas: Women, Work and Urban Inclusion. A social history of rights and freedom in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. L’Harmattan, Paris, Society and violentization: some general remarks, Sociologia.Vol; Women, Research and Methods. A Short Reflection on The Chicago Social Reformers, Italian Sociological Review.